Painting Laboratory

Workshop (5 days)

Mini-Workshop (1-3 days)

Painters at all levels of experience are welcome. All types of painting is encouraged, from abstract to representational.

Workshops or Mini-workshops are available for those who prefer more instruction, a renewal or introduction of the issues of painting – technique, composition, subject, and content. Workshops and mini-workshops are structured with projects that begin with technique and then address composition/color, and idea development. Project guidelines are flexible so painters can seek solutions that are creative and personally unique. Marilynn’s research of idea development for the visual artist guides the organization of the workshop/mini-workshop.


Lori Z.

Workshop Attendee

"Workshops offered by Marilynn Derwenskus encourage me as an artist to express my individual voice. The content of the workshops is always exciting, generates new paintings, and continues to energize my creativity long after the workshop has ended."

Travis Lee Wiggins

Student / Fellowship Collaborator

"Other teachers teach you to paint as they do. Marilynn helps you to develop your own ideas and vision. She is a great teacher for those wanting to use their art to better themselves."

Pat G.

Workshop Attendee

"As a teacher with thirty years of classroom experience, I know good teaching when I see it, and Marilynn Derwenskus is a good teacher. I’ve taken several workshops with Marilynn and have found her to be generous with her knowledge of both media and technique and kind and constructive in her evaluation of student work. In addition, she’s fun to be around, loves what she does, and has a delightful sense of humor. I plan to take more classes with Marilynn in the future."

Janet J.

Workshop Attendee

"Marilynn is as an excellent teacher, one who presets new and challenging material in creative ways.  One of her unique abilities is to engender confidence in the student, resulting in a more productive and satisfying experience."

Jan F.

"Marilynn's workshops are always new and act as spark plugs for me in creativity, ideas, and thinking far outside the box. No one else I have ever studied with has been so open to new art ideas, sharing those ideas and aware of art in today's world."

Sandy M.

"I have enjoyed many workshops with Marilynn and look forward to many more because she never stops teaching - we even gather around at lunchtime where she will tell about the gallery openings she has attended, will share information about artists she admires, and shows the in-progress art she is making. One leaves at the end of a workshop with fresh ideas, encouragement, and the need to keep creating."



The goal throughout this art experience is to explore and discover, but not necessarily always adhere to established rules. Adequate guidelines are provided so painters can launch their work. Emphasis is placed on the development of the individual voice of the contemporary artist.


Creativity increases in an environment that is relaxed, yet orderly and structured. Marilynn strives for a productive environment where painters may also enjoy friendships with each other.


Marilynn nurtures personally unique imagery through one-on-one discussions with participants and optional group critiques. She willingly shares what she has learned over her 50 year painting career.